Teacher Training in Silverado, CA

“You will emerge from this training course competent – well prepared intellectually, spiritually, and professionally to enter the arena of education as an inspired Montessori Teacher.” – Ann Balasuriya

Discriminating parents today are wary of preschools that are Montessori in name only, which do not faithfully follow the Montessori Method originally established by Maria Montessori herself. Administrators of Authentic Montessori Schools must carefully choose teachers who have earned their Montessori credentials from an Authentic training course. One based on the principles and using the format developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, when she delivered the training course herself.

imageFor over twenty years, MTTI has developed an unsurpassed reputation for graduating competent Montessori Teachers who truly understand how to establish and maintain an authentic Montessori environment and manage a class of independent learners. The benefits are many:

  • History of successful graduates. Many of the graduates of this Institute are today owners of successful schools.
  • 99.9% employment rate for our grads. Most have jobs assured even before completion of the course.
  • This course lays an excellent foundation for further studies in the field of child psychology or social work.
  • The course schedule allows one to continue with present job while preparing for a new career.
  • International recognition of IAPM Diploma – enables one to travel and work abroad .
  • Professional affiliation with the International Association of Progressive Montessori (IAPM).
  • 35 Early Childhood Education (ECE) Units available on completion of course.
  • Tuition affordable – payment plan made available by IAPM.