Montessori Education in Silverado, California

Montessori Teacher Training Institute (M.T.T.I.) Offers a comprehensive foundation and a superior course in Montessori education for those who wish to pursue a career in the field of early childhood education. Evidenced by the outstanding success of many of our graduates, our Montessori Teacher Training in Silverado, California is effective in helping teachers become effective educators.

Get a headstart on becoming the best that you can be! At MTTI, you can take the first step to attaining your personal goals. By enrolling in our Teacher Training course, you will receive the best training, guidance, and instruction from experts and professionals who have spent many years In the classroom themselves. Speaking from the experience they have, they can inspire you to become the best teacher you can be.

The primary focus of our training is to graduate teachers who will carry out the goals and principles of Montessori Education. The Montessori Method was developed by Maria Montessori at the turn of the twentieth century in Italy. The main premises of Dr. Montessori‘s methods revolve around:

  • Respect for Each Child
  • Their Mental Capacity to Absorb and Learn from the Environment
  • Sensitive Periods
  • The Prepared Environment
  • Sensory/Didactic Materials
  • Autoeducation

Having the privilege of working with the very young child to facilitate learning at this crucial stage of life. Efficient and effective ECE teachers need to attain competence, compassion and character at the highest level in order to succeed in their endeavors.

At Montessori Teacher Training Institute (M.T.T.I.), we train teachers to assume and characterize teacher roles based on the Montessori way. The goals of which includes:

  • Focusing on the children as the center of learning
  • Providing stimulation, encouragement, and motivation for learning through a prepared environment
  • Observe children on an individual basis in order to define their individual sensitive periods and determine the appropriate activities to be provided – ones that facilitate behavior modification and bringing out their full potential
  • Showing respect to children, recognizing their efforts, and modeling the epitome of virtues
  • Introduce learning materials that meet their needs and hold their interests in order to stimulate learning and motivate them to accomplish tasks independently.

The activities that students will be involved in includes holistic cognitive, character, and skill development. Instructors will be assessing the students based on their performance, ethics, and academic abilities. Lectures are required to discuss the necessary methods, theory and psychology that revolve around Montessori Education. The students will engage into a variety of activities while in the classroom. Group work and collaborative projects will be assigned. Assessments will be both performance based or written tests.

Field immersions are required. Demonstrations are required often to test the students’ abilities to actualize a discussed approach, and feedback with the mentors are consistently provided.

School resources will be available, however, certain requirements and materials are required of the students on an irregular basis.

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Enrollment is now ongoing. Feel free to explore the pages of this website to find the information you are looking for. If you need assistance with anything, please give us a call at 805-709-7877 and we’ll get back to you immediately.