Montessori Educator in Silverado, CA


1) Lillian Garrison – Program Director
2) Ann Balasuriya – Founder of M.T.T.I. / Coordinator of Training Early Childhood / Instructor
3) Deepa Somasundaram – Administrator Laguna Beach Site / Instructor
4) Janaki Sarathchandra – Administrator Oceanside Site / Instructor
5) Mumtaz Saleh – Instructor
6) Julie Labus – Administrator Silverado Canyon Site / Instructor

Lillian Garrison – Program Director of M.T.T.I. is a graduate of USC, holds an I.A.P.M. Preprimary Diploma and has been teaching since 1993. Lillian has served as Program Director of M.T.T.I. since 2004.

Ann Balasuriya-Founder of M.T.T.I., Coordinator of Training – Early Childhood Course / Instructor. She holds A.M.I. and I.A.P.M. diplomas and has 36 years experience teaching, administrating, establishing schools and teacher training centers, working with students, teachers, parents and community agencies. Ann was very active in the formation of M.A.C.T.E., The Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education and served on the board of directors for 10 years and commission on accreditation for 8 years. Ann is the Executive Director of I.A.P.M. (International Association of Progressive Montessori) and works as an independent accreditation consultant.

Deepa Somasundaram – Administrator of M.T.T.I. Laguna Beach / Instructor is a Certified Teacher Trainer by I.A.P.M. She holds a Montessori Preprimary Diploma from A.M.I. She also trained with N.C.M.E. in Montessori Elementary Education and is a certified Elementary teacher by I.A.P.M. Deepa has been teaching since 1983 and is a Montessori Curriculum Coordinator and consultant. She currently directs the Montessori School of Laguna Beach and teaches a preprimary class.

Janaki Sarathchandra- Administrator of M.T.T.I. Oceanside / Instructor is certified by I.A.P.M. as a Teacher Trainer. She holds an A.M.I. preprimary diploma since 1989 and trained with N.C.M.E. in Elementary Education. She now owns three Montessori schools and directs one for infants through elementary ages.

Mumtaz Saleh – Instructor is credentialed and well qualified since 1986. She received both her Associate and Licentiate degrees from Trinity College in London and the Center for English Language Arts in Colombo. Mumtaz holds an AMI Diploma and trained with Fildena from 1993 – 1996 as a teacher trainer. She has established many Montessori Schools in Orange County, California and has ten years experience as a Montessori teacher educator, supervising teacher trainees, and instructing. Mrs. Saleh is one of the founding members of Al Farouk Learning Center which is now Minaret Academy.

Julie Labus – Administrator of M.T.T.I. Silverado Canyon / Instructor is an early childhood instructor at Montessori Teacher Training Institute – Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach. She is a certified Teacher Trainer by the International Association of Progressive Montessori, U.S.A. She earned a preprimary Diploma from I.A.P.M. in 1991 and has 20 years experience Diflucan, administrating, establishing schools, working with children, teachers, parents and community agencies. She completed a three year Montessori Instructors program working with all aspects of the training course. She is very competent and enjoys sharing her knowledge.

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