Montessori Method of Education in Silverado, California

What is Montessori Teacher Training Institute?

Montessori Teacher Training Institute is a premier producer of topnotch Authentic Montessori Training to Teacher Education students in Silverado Canyon, California. We offer comprehensive instruction, education, and guidance so that students will imbibe the skills and the knowledge required of a competent early childhood education education professional.

Do you have any other campuses?

M.T.T.I. has 2 training locations available for classes for the Early Childhood course 2 ½ -6 years.

Montessori School of Oceanside, 3525 Cannon Road, Oceanside, CA 92056.

  • There are three preschool classrooms available for observation, two classrooms for instruction, with a 25-student capacity per class.
  • There are four preschool classrooms available for observation and instruction, with a 25-student capacity per class.
  • There are three preschool classrooms available for observation and instruction with a 25-student capacity per class. Students have access to a media center for material making.

Hillside Montessori School, 19900 El Toro Road, Silverado Canyon, CA 92676.

  • There are two classrooms available for observation and instruction, with a 25 student capacity per class at each site.

The Montessori Teacher Training Institute is able to accommodate 50 students at any given time at all of the training locations.

This institution, the facilities it occupies, and the equipment it utilizes fully comply with any and all federal, state, and local ordinances and regulations including those requirements pertaining to fire, building, and health safety.

What are your requirements for admission?

Applicants for the Montessori Teacher Training Early Childhood 2 ½- 6 Diploma Course are required to have graduated High School and have a good general education. A B.A. degree is desired, but not required. Passing the entrance exam, two professional letters of recommendation concerning the applicant’s character and ability to complete the course and one character reference are required. Health clearance and criminal record clearance must also be on file.

In addition to all of the above, students from abroad must have a good standard of both written and spoken English. Foreign students are required to obtain a student visa from the immigration department of the U.S.A.

Applications for enrollment are accepted at any time prior to the first day of class. Late enrollments may be accepted at the discretion of the Administrator. The following documents must be on file:

  1. Completed Application form
  2. Application fee
  3. Signed receipt of Course Catalog
  4. Two pictures of applicant (passport size)
  5. All school transcripts
  6. Two professional letters of recommendation
  7. One character reference
  8. Health forms and T.B. test results
  9. Criminal record clearance / finger prints
  10. Signed Enrollment Agreement
  11. Pass result on the entrance exam.

A personal interview and a passing mark on the entrance exam are required prior to acceptance into the course. Any student who does not provide all of the required forms may be accepted on a provisional basis awaiting full documentation. If there are any questions, it is strongly recommended that verification of status be discussed with the Administrator. Either a letter of full acceptance or a letter of provisional acceptance with deficiencies listed is issued to student candidates.

For more information, please click here. You may also ask assistance form our customer service staff for you concerns and questions.

What kind of ECE training do you provide? Do you follow a specific Early Childhood Education Curriculum?

We provide Early Childhood Education training specializing in the Montessori Method. Please head over to our Training page to learn more.

What are the competencies required to be accomplished by a Montessori Early Childhood Education Teacher Candidate?
Is there a dress code required?

Students are expected to maintain a professional demeanor throughout the course, including a dress code befitting the teaching profession without reference to extreme styles or body adornment. The professional image which a student projects reflect his or her total attitude toward the teaching profession and toward the children he/she professes to serve.

I want to transfer to MTTI; do you provide credits rules for subjects previously taken?

Due to the unique nature of this course and its instruction, intensity, and the importance of continuity, no credit towards completion can be considered or granted for previous experience or training, unless this experience has been successfully completed from a course affiliated to I.A.P.M.

How do I contact you?

Phone: 805-709-7877
Fax:    805-904-6122
Email: ann@montessori-iapm.org

You may also leave us a message online using our contact form. Please click here to be redirected.