Mission Statement

Teacher Education in Southern California

1. M.T.T.I. cooperates with the International Association of Progressive Montessori to promote and maintain the highest standard and interpretation of Authentic Montessori education and remains open to the most advanced research and innovations being made in the fields of philosophy, psychology, and educational theory to date.

2. M.T.T.I. advocates the wider vision of Dr. Montessori, that of recognizing the importance of the child as the builder of world peace which is essential to the further progress of mankind.

3. M.T.T.I. is committed to the concept of integral education. We believe that our teachers must be prepared to facilitate the physical, intellectual, emotional, psychic and spiritual development of the child.

4. M.T.T.I. believes that we must put the child first; our commitment is to the care and education of children through the preparation of well trained, responsible, sensitive and professional Montessori teachers.