Montessori Education: Teaching Emotional Awareness

One of the things you will be trained for during your Montessori teacher training in Silverado, California, is how you can teach a child resilience. When you teach a child to be resilient, they grow up into an adult that does not dwell in their failures. Instead, they focus on why they fail and the solution to succeed.

To teach resilience, a teacher needs to have emotional awareness. While this quality may be a personal trait of a teacher, it is also being cultivated in the teacher training institute in California.

Emotional Awareness in a Montessori Classroom

Through emotional awareness, teachers in Montessori education are able to cope with a child’s tantrums, bad behavior, and emotional outbursts. Here are the steps they are able to do so:

  • Catch negative thoughts, as well as feelings of embarrassment.

    These are not manifestations of bad parenting. Instead, it is a manifestation of the child’s emotional development and behavioral regulation skills.

  • Approach the child’s bad behavior with empathy and patience.

    Think about why the child is behaving badly. Patiently ask them the reason for their actions.

  • Use the current situation as an opportunity to learn.

    Some circumstances may not be taught to you during Montessori teacher training. You can only cope with it in actual situations.

These are just some of the things you can do to help a child. Aside from emotional awareness, you also need to instill independence and confidence in a child so that they will be resilient in the future.

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