Montessori Education: Teaching Students to Be Independent

Undergoing Montessori teacher training in Silverado, California is a must if you want to be a good teacher who can guide children properly. With proper training, you can cultivate independence among children. Cultivating independence means encouraging a child to try new things and letting them have hands-on experience, especially on things they are interested in.

To teach a child how to be independent, here are the things you can do:

  • Let a child do things on their own.

    Just because a child is struggling to complete a task doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to do it. Understand that they may fail a couple of times before they succeed. When they fail, don’t hesitate to give them another chance. This entire trial-and-error phase in Montessori education can build resilience and independence in a child.

  • Give children time to complete their tasks.

    During your teacher training institute in California, giving time for children to do their things on their own is often emphasized. Children take more time to do things or remember the steps of an activity compared to adults. If you don’t give them enough time, they won’t be able to nurture their emerging skills of independence.

  • If the opportunity is there, grab it.

    While you may be able to encourage a child to be independent according to the textbook examples given to you during Montessori teacher training, those aren’t the only ones you can do. In the child’s daily life, there will be numerous opportunities to teach independence. Identify these opportunities and use them to train a child to become as independent as they can.

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