Basic Principles of the Montessori Prepared Environment

With Montessori education, a prepared environment is a must. The idea is to prepare a calm and well-ordered place that offers lots of movements and activities. This environment will then become the children’s haven wherein they are free to choose from any activities they can find. This kind of environment will guide the children to experience freedom and self-discipline.

Teachers will be taught how to have a prepared environment during their Montessori teacher training in Silverado, California. As the first lesson, the teachers will learn the aspects of a prepared environment. These include freedom, structure and order, nature and reality, intellectual environment, social environment, and beauty:

  • Freedom & Structure and Order

    These two may be counterintuitive to each other. However, there is actually a balance between these two. In our teacher training institute in California, you will learn how important it is for children to experience freedom. They can do so if there can make sense of the world around them through established structure and order.

  • Nature and Reality & Beauty

    The Montessori environment should exude tranquility, peace, and harmony. A peaceful environment is beautiful. It is even more so when you are close to nature.

  • Intellectual & Social Environment

    Children love learning and social interaction. In lieu of that, you will learn during a Montessori teacher training the techniques that will have an impact on a child’s intellectual and social environment. Improving these two aspects can positively affect a child’s mental health.

Montessori Teacher Training Institute treasures every child. Thus, being able to offer quality Montessori teacher training in San Diego to hone aspiring teachers is our goal. Enroll with us if you want to receive quality training soon.

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