The Role of a Montessori Teacher

When you undergo Montessori teacher training in Silverado, California, you will be taught a lot of things regarding how to educate, guide, and nourish a child. This particular education method requires you to put your focus on ensuring that the children are learning. Once you finish your training, you will know the roles you will play in their lives.

Here are the top roles that you will grow into as you complete your course at a teacher training institute in California:

  • To prepare an environment suitable for learning.

    Again, Montessori education is more focused on children learning and not teachers teaching. Thus, for teachers, one of their roles is to prepare an environment conducive to learning. It should stimulate inquisitiveness and growth in a child. It should also allow a child to discover things on their own.

  • To focus on the child.

    Montessori teachers should put more of their focus on the child instead of their daily lesson plans. Instead of sticking to the rigid plans set ahead of time, it is important to observe the child’s actual progress and change the lessons accordingly.

  • To be scientific observers of children.

    Just like scientific investigations, teachers are taught to only observe children’s progress as they learn. During their Montessori teacher training in Southern California, the teachers are taught that they should never interfere in a child’s work. It is not recommended for them to use rewards and punishments in learning.

Montessori Teacher Training Institute aims to produce quality teachers who can guide children the best way they can. Keep in touch with us if you are interested in our Montessori teacher training in San Diego.

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